Love your neighbor and bless the students at Don Julian Elementary
We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Join us on a “Backpack Expedition”

Please join us in packing the backpacks on Sunday, August 7
(Lunch provided for those who sign-up at the information table by July 31st)

We will be collecting donations of the following school supplies:

  • Backpack: brand new, good quality, no characters
  • Ball Point (Black) Pens: 12 count
  • Ball Point (Blue) Pens: 12 count
  • Ball Point (Red) Pens: 6 count
  • Binder: 1”, solid color
  • Colored Pencils: boxed, 12 count
  • Crayons: large, boxed, 8 count
  • Crayons: regular, boxed, 24 count
  • Dry Erase Markers: 4 count pack
  •    (Black, Blue, Green and Red)
  • Dry Erase Board Eraser
  • Erasers: pencil toppers, 12 count
  • Erasers: pink, 2 count Glue Sticks: 2 count
  • Glue: by Elmers, small bottle
  • Pencils: #2, 24 count
  • Pencil Box: Spacemaker
  • Rulers: 12”, Plastic or Wooden
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Scissors: kid’s size blunt
  • 5 Tab Dividers


What is the purpose of this project?
The purpose of this project is to bless the students and families of Don Julian Elementary with the love of Christ. Donating backpacks and school supplies to the students is a way in which we can love our neighbors.

Who determines which supplies to get?
The school faculty was asked which supplies the students would need. They gave us a list of supplies.

How many students are there at Don Julian?
There are approximately 700+ students.

Who will receive the backpacks?
Our goal is to provide 300 backpacks to support the Don Julian students.

What do you mean by no characters on backpacks?
In an effort to keep backpacks uniform among students, we ask that you refrain from purchasing backpacks with characters (SpongeBob, Dora, Elmo, Disney Characters, etc.)

Can I write a check and have the church purchase the supplies?
Yes, we will accept donations in a form of a check made out to “Evergreen SGV” or cash, and a committee will purchase the necessary school supplies. However, one of the goals of this project is to get our church family actively involved in blessing the students. As such, we feel like it would be more meaningful if our church family would go out to purchase the supplies.