Are We Raising Complainers?

After this past Sunday's sermon, I opened my email to read an entry from one of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt.  His blog featured a post by a guest blogger that was titled, "How Leadership at Home Affects the Rest of Life".  The title intrigued me because I am convinced that the way I act and speak at home is THE MESSAGE to my children of who I am and what I truly believe.  Anyway, little did I know that this blogging post would address the same topic of complaining that I had just heard only a few hours before at church during the worship service.

A quote from the post - "Is it possible that when people at work blame and whine, it’s because they were taught to do so at home? And that these dangerous ways of acting and thinking were modeled for them—by mom and dad?!"

Ouch!!  What an awesome and probing question to ask yourself, eh?  I love it!  Not because I enjoy emotional and mental turmoil but because the writer addresses the possible root of the issue and not just it's fruit.  Anyway, check out the post by clicking here.  It's a thoughtful read!

God bless,

Pastor Kenny

Evergreen SGV