Who Wants to be Ordinary?!

Have you ever had appendicitis? How about tonsillitis? Bursitis? Never had any of them? Me neither…

What about individualitis? Ever heard of that one? I hadn’t either, until I heard a talk by a British pastor named Andrew Wilson, who preached from Nehemiah 3 about “Individualitis and the Dung Gate”. I’m not in the habit of forwarding links to messages on Vimeo, mainly because I rarely find the time to watch or listen to them myself, but I’ve listened to this one twice now and have been deeply encouraged (and challenged!) by it.

So if you—like I—have ever struggled with feeling “just ordinary”, or if you’ve wondered what difference it’s making in the world for you to change another diaper or write another report or take your wife out on a date, then maybe you need to listen to this message as much as I did.

And whether or not you listen to it, here’s a quote to chew on… “Individualitis is dangerous because it strips us of the dignity of the ordinary.”

Watch the whole thing here: http://vimeo.com/66556909#

In Him,

Pastor Dan

Dan Christian