Morning Glory

by Helen D

4 year-old grandchild: “Grandpa is missing. He is in heaven. Is he walking or driving a car? Why is it taking so long?”

It seems he thinks Grandpa is making his way back to us, when in fact, it will be us, making our way to join him!

It’s moments like these that make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

There’s an Evergreen SGV group that focuses on ministry to widows, Morning Glory. The group meets monthly for a time of fellowship, prayer and support for those who have walked similar, yet individual paths. It’s the result of the collaboration of Arlene Yee and Lori Snuggs, who were led to gather women together several years ago. The members sometimes refer to MG as the group “no one wants to join, but boy, are we glad it exists!”

As an observer of this fellowship since its inception, I had not considered how soon I would be joining them. But I am so blessed by them! The voice of experience shared at each meeting whether from the members or facilitators is enlightening, encouraging, and most of all, compassionate.

For information about the next meeting, email Arlene Yee  or Lori Snuggs

Evergreen SGV