Evergreen’s War Room

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By Pastor Terry Gee

“…victories don’t come by accident.” – Miss Clara, War Room

We hardly win at the major battles of life without a plan, and this is never truer than in our fight as Christians. How many sins have you slain by accident? Have you ever grown in holiness by random chance? More than likely, God gave you grace to make intentional plans that led to decisions that moved your heart away from sin and set you up to grow in holiness. Most of us must purposefully plan out a strategy for life if we want to live as we should. Make no plans to read the Bible and you probably won't.  Pray only when you feel like it and your devotional life will be likely be stunted. 

The same is true for us as a church family. Should we never take time to look ahead at what the current battles of our day are and address them, we will find more sheep destroyed by wolves as we look on. If we do not intentionally seek the Lord, we may run the risk of veering off track and missing what God is doing in our world. Should we go about our ministries with no grounding in prayer, we will find ourselves powerless and fruitless in our efforts.

A new war room at Evergreen is about to emerge. Amidst the many expressions of prayer and intercession that already go on in the life of our church, Evergreen House of Prayer (EHOP) seeks to be a place where we as a church can come together to intentionally worship, pray, and seek God concerning the things going on in the life of our church. As God’s great story unfolds upon the earth, the church must gather to pray, as our God leads us in victory.

The launch of EHOP is planned for October 26th. Consider coming on Monday nights to worship, pray, and war as a church family.

There are few children of God who do not often find the season of prayer a season of conflict. The devil has special wrath against us when he sees us on our knees. Yet, I believe that prayers which cost us no trouble should be regarded with great suspicion. I believe we are very poor judges of the goodness of our prayers, and that the prayer which pleases us least, often pleases God most. … One thing, at least, we all feel: we must pray. We cannot give it up. We must go on. - J.C. Ryle, A Call to Prayer

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