Hearing God's Voice

By Julie Miyake

The past few months, I've been seriously considering early retirement.  Most friends and family, especially my husband, Rickie, have been extremely supportive.  But I still felt I couldn't hear God's confirmation clearly. 

One night, I prayed for God to forgive my sins and cleanse me.  I asked Him to speak to me clearly.  Instantly, I heard a voice saying, "I want you to do MY work whole-heartedly."  Was that my imagination or really Him speaking? 

The next morning was Blessing Sunday.  I prayed and told God I'm leaning towards early retirement, and asked Him to confirm my decision, and show me opportunities to serve Him.  I saw an image of two double doors opening in the middle, with a bright light pouring through.  Then we went to church.  I was hoping for Frank and Joyce Salgado, our bible study hosts, to pray for us.  The line was long with so many people.  What were the odds we would get them when it's our turn?  Nearing the front, they were available but someone else was in front of us.  But when it came her turn, she told us to go ahead while she waited for her son. 

Frank and Joyce indeed prayed for us!  I did not tell them what I heard or saw in my prayers earlier.  While praying, Frank said he saw the Red Sea parting in the middle.  It was exactly the same image like the centerfold doors opening in the middle I saw earlier.  Instantly, I knew God spoke through Frank to confirm my decision.  Next day, I submitted my retirement paperwork. 

This morning, I shared what happened with Kay Carey.  She asked me to share my testimony.  I was bashful.  While praying, I heard the voice saying, "If Kay asks again, do it."  I was finding excuses.  I figured I wouldn’t see Kay until next week, and she'll have forgotten about this, so I was safe.  Shortly afterwards, Kay returned, and asked me again.  I knew then that I had to be obedient and listen to the voice.

I feel so peaceful with my decision after the Lord's affirmative confirmation.  I am really looking forward to starting a new journey this April.  On top of that, Rickie and I are excited to welcome our first grandchild this Spring!  God is awesome!!  He does speak to us.  All we need to do is ask.  And listen!  

Kay Carey