The Thailand Team Blog, unfortunately, has not been updated because they were not able to get internet access. We apologize for this inconvenience since we know many of you have been wanting to know how to pray for them.

See the attached photo of Mo Nakatsui, who is currently recovering in the hospital in Chiang Mai. 
He slipped on wet sand and rock while working, shattering his shin and breaking another bone on his right leg. He had surgery, has started physical therapy and is learning how to uses crutches. He is expected to arrive home with the team.

Mo has told us that the team has been working in 107 F. degree weather. They could not have done this project without the Zoe students who are hard workers and are used to the climate and rough terrain. Sounds like they have made good progress and are currently working on the outhouses for each hut. 
Confident that God has been doing a good work. May God be glorified in All Things for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28
Submitted by God's grace alone,

Carol Nakatsui

Evergreen SGV