The 2014-2015 WELL Discipleship Season

by Mandy Terasawa

The WELL Discipleships is a women’s ministry that involves small groups of women meeting together once a week for about 28 weeks. Our 2014-2015 season just ended and we were privileged to have about 36 women participate. The Well provides a place where women can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they seek their identity in Him. The ladies also share their testimonies, do book studies and a Bible study on John 4, the Samaritan Woman, practice solitude, plus make a commitment to pray for one another. The meetings are a safe haven for the ladies as they share deeply about what is going on in their lives knowing that everything is kept confidential and that they are being supported through prayer. We recently had a final celebration with the facilitators of the Well groups and here are some of their reflections:

  • Close community was emphasized as the ladies shared their lives with one another. They supported each other through the struggles and joys of life. One group even experienced two weddings and two babies being born!     
  • "Mother-daughter" relationships developed as some of the groups had participants of diverse ages. The ladies learned a lot about issues that different generations face.
  • The co-facilitators discovered that each had different God-given gifts. This provided a balance in their leadership roles as they facilitated their groups.
  • Learning to trust God and listen to the Holy Spirit was central in the planning and facilitating of the groups
  • The ladies enjoyed spending intimate time with Jesus through prayer, solitude and silence, flag worship, and releasercize.

We are so thankful to God as He guides and leads us to fulfill His plan through this ministry. May God continue to bless and grow the Well Discipleships for His honor and glory!

Kay Carey