Meet David Kim

Hi Folks!  

It has come to my attention that a number of you have seen my face, whether it would be on random Sundays where I might read the announcements, or pray a commissioning prayer over some of Evergreen’s STM teams, or whether you’ve noticed that I wear a similarly styled black shirt as many of the pastors at Evergreen. Yet at the same time, most of you probably do not know too much about me. So within this entire page, that is all about me, I will try to help you get to know me a bit better. Starting with my birth.

I was born and raised in SGV my entire life. I remember growing up and I did not think anything existed beyond the world of the 10 freeway between exits Atlantic and Rosemead. My parents owned and continue to own a donut shop in the city of Rosemead, where I was given the opportunity to work as a child laborer for much of my childhood (an opportunity I will try to extend to any future children I might have). In general, my life was pretty simple as a kid growing up. Went to school, went to the donut shop, did my homework, watched some Spiderman, played Final Fantasy games, and so on. Still, I was nowhere close to being a perfect child. In fact, I will often refer to myself as a demon-child growing up (which seems Biblically appropriate since John makes some distinctions between the children of God and children of Satan). Those were my pre-Christ days.

I came to know and follow the Lord during my freshman year of college at UCLA. Through various circumstances, I found myself attending a girl’s bible study where I was intrigued by the Word of God and was a recipient of the love of Christians. Eventually, by His grace, God convicted me of the truth and reality of Christ, and I came to believe and follow Christ at the end of that year. Since then I have never looked back.

From there, I completed my undergrad and graduate studies at UCLA and UCI in engineering. After which I decided to return home to SGV. I didn’t have a home church in SGV so my friend, Leo Jeng, invited me to attend Evergreen SGV (beginning of 2011). My first impression was not a great one. Big and impersonal I thought. Nevertheless, I knew that I should not just judge based upon my personal experience and so I decided to check out a small group bible study. I was led to the Refuge, where I met many fine brothers and sisters. One particular fine brother by the name of Ian was leading the Refuge and I enjoyed sitting under his leading and teaching. God was put on the forefront and His word was being taught. As a result I decided to stay at Evergreen.

Since then, many things have changed. I got a job as an engineer. I entered into seminary. I even now have the privilege of interning at Evergreen. In fact, I get to do all three at the moment, which I love. Regarding my place at Evergreen, I am currently tasked with helping out Pastor Victor with outreach ministries. I also get to teach an adult Sunday school class (on almost anything I want, sort of not really). In relation to all this, my desire as one who attends seminary and hopes to eventually enter into occupational ministry, is that I would be able to do two main things: one is to open the word of God in such a way that puts God on full display, so that all people would respond in fuller, truer, and deeper worship, knowing God for who He is; and the other is to equip the saints for the work of ministry, thus empowering all believers to be mature Christians eating solids, not depending on any pastor or leader, but rather on God alone to live out his/her life fully for the sake of Christ. There is so much more I could say about myself but I will end with saying that I am thankful to have the opportunity to participate in worship with this church family.

Evergreen SGV