The ChildD Ministry is a non-profit organization partnered with Evergreen Baptist Church San Gabriel Valley – Learning Disabilities are global and they are in Japan. Those who have special needs, especially the hidden disabilities that involve processing, neurology and behavior, are often overlooked. When overlooked, individuals with needs become vulnerable to ungodly beliefs and can become prey to unholy predators. Children of all ages become hopeless, desperate, and often in such states, contemplate or commit suicide. Parents are desperate and hopeless due to the lack of information regarding their children with unique learning needs. Since less than 0.5% are Christian, it is the vision and hope of the ChildD Ministry as they serve the indigenous in Japan, that the love of Jesus would be reflected and God’s Kingdom Perspectives will bring hope, identity, helps, information and a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

In 2012, the ChildD (Christian Help in Learning Disabilities and Differences) Ministry began when Joyce Inouye answered a calling to minister in Japan. The call was confirmed as she was asked to be a Keynote speaker at a Church Home Educators Convention in Japan. By the time she boarded the plane, there were several invitations to give presentations and seminars for organizations, international schools, conventions, retreats and churches, asking her to bring God’s Kingdom perspectives to children and families in Japan with special and unique needs and those who serve them.

In 2013, ChildD Ministry became a non-profit corporation partnered with Evergreen Baptist Church ~ San Gabriel Valley.

In 2014, the ChildD Ministry went as a team of three, and then in 2016, as a team of four. Fellow core ChildD members include Reine Ishida, Joyce and Richard Inouye, Chris Kansaku, and Danny Qian. In Japan the ChildD Indigenous leaders are Aiko Hollands (Translator for Joyce Inouye and Liaison for CHEA and Azumino City); Administrator Yukiko Naruse and Assistants: Naoko Tsuji, Megumi Risden and Tammy Junker.

As ChildD presents seminars, training and individual appointments in Japan and to the indigenous, God has expanded the territories for ChildD at more venues. In November 2016, 19 English-speaking Pastors, Principals and Leaders received a 200+-page resource book gathered by ChildD and were trained for 14 hours. ChildD continues to support these indigenous leaders and parents in Japan who ask by individualized sessions by Skype and through a private Facebook group.

As of 2012, the ChildD ministry has provided 40 seminars in which two of them have been placed on DVD for sales to help support teams traveling to Japan.

The “mission statement” for the ChildD Ministry is to bring hope, healing, help and God’s Truth by providing God’s Kingdom perspectives to families with unique needs as a way to advance God’s Kingdom.

God has blessed the ministry of ChildD with the high honor to serve Him through the Church Home Educators Association (CHEA) ~ Japan; The Christian Educators Network in Japan; Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope (CRASH); Church Planting Institute (CPI); Ishinomaki Christian Center (ICC); See Jesus; Meysen Academy; Grace Christian International School (GCIS); Christian Academy of Japan (CAJ); Shion International Christian School, New Hope International School, Japanese Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA); TEAM Missionaries; Asian Access Missionaries; Campus Crusade in Japan; Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) in Japan; YWAM in Japan, and many Japanese churches -- Grace Christian Fellowship, Iwakiri Grace Ecclesia, Shiogama Baptist Bible Church, Azumino Family Chapel, New Horizons Chapel, Narimasu New Hope.

The Board of Directors (2013-2015):
Keith Miyamoto M.D., F.A.A.P. (Chairman), Tim Wong Esq. (Vice-Chairman), Janet Chew Pharm. D. (Secretary), Mike Wang C.F.O. (Finances) and Midori Yamada (Cultural Minister).

The Board of Directors (2015-2017):
Keith Miyamoto M.D., F.A.A.P. (Chairman), Tim Wong Esq. (Vice-Chairman), May Zacher (Secretary), Mike Wang C.F.O. (Finances) and Midori Yamada (Cultural Minister).

The Board of Directors (2017-2019):
Tim Wong Esq. (Vice-Chairman), May Zacher (Secretary), Mike Wang C.F.O. (Finances) and Midori Yamada (Cultural Minister). The Chairman position is open and being prayerfully consider