Our mission: Seeking God in corporate prayer and worship for the building up of the body of Christ at
Evergreen SGV.

We invite Evergreeners from every age group and season of life to join us the first Monday night of every month from 7:15-9:00 pm s we gather to pray for our church.

Scripture demonstrates our call as the corporate body of Christ to:

Worship God - exalting God with all that we are, responding to who He is

Seek God - encountering Him and communing with Him

Pray for supplications - seeking, asking, entreating God on behalf of others

You don’t have to pray eloquently or have a call to intercession to join EHOP. Just simply come as you are, and witness the love, guidance, and faithfulness of our Father as we pray and worship together as the body of Christ
at Evergreen SGV.


  • Your Bible

  • Journal and pen

Contact us through email.