Experience Evergreen SGV


Are you interested in becoming a member of Evergreen SGV?  If so, please join us at one of our Experience Evergreen SGV membership sessions. During these sessions, you will learn about Evergreen SGV’s rich history, come to know what we believe and why we believe it, begin to understand your unique spiritual gifting, and experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit through prayer and worship. 

Our ultimate goal for you is to receive an accurate and complete experience of what we (Evergreen SGV) are all about.  So, if you're interested in becoming a member, please contact the church office and reserve a spot at one of our Experience Evergreen SGV membership sessions! 

Please contact the church office (626) 363-0300 to reserve your spot at one the sessions or contact Pastor Dan if you are interested in attending a class.  

2017 Classes

January 22
May 7
September 10

A minimum of ten individuals must sign-up per session in order for us to hold the event.  There will also be a maximum number of participants allowed per session so that the participant-to-leader ratio remains low.  When the ratio is too large, it greatly hinders our goal of getting to know you and for you to know us.