Ministry 2 Children and Youth

At Evergreen SGV, we believe that Ministry 2 Children & Youth is a high calling from God. God places a higher level of responsibility on those who lead, and even more, on those who lead children and youth. We have been called to speak into the lives of children and youth, teaching them, through word and action, what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. This mandate and call is an outpouring of our mission to Love God and Love Others. The Children & Youth Staff is available to meet with individuals interested in serving with children & youth.

to Serve in Church School, please Download and fill-out all 3 forms below:

  1. Evergreen SGV Call To Serve Application
  2. Reference Form
  3. Background Check Form

Step 1: Interest & Visitation

After meeting with the Children & Youth Staff, individuals may visit a ministry as an observer of the ministry prior to completing this packet. A maximum of 2 visits is allowed. As an observer, we ask the individual to refrain from prominent participation and involvement in the program and among the minors. A current ministry leader will be assigned to guide the individual through the ministry.

Step 2: Application and Affirmation of Calling

Following the visitation, the individual may formally apply as a Children & Youth Leader. The application process consists of a Ministry Application (#1 above form), A Call of Leaders Commitment Form (part of #1 form), three Reference Forms (#2 above form) and a Background Check Form (#3 above form). 

Only complete application packets will be received and reviewed. Once the application has been submitted to the Children & Youth Staff, review of the application will begin, background check will be processed and references will be checked. After a timely review by the Children & Youth Staff, the applicant will be contacted and ministry placement/commitment will be discussed. An evaluation period may also be discussed. Acceptance as a Children & Youth Leader will be based upon mutual agreement of the Children & Youth Staff and the applicant on whether the applicant is suited to the ministry. 

Contact Sunday Asaoka if you have questions.