Blessings Flow During Our Jericho Prayer Walk by Wendy Liu

L to R: Mason, Wendy, Paxton, Paul, Odin and Noemi

L to R: Mason, Wendy, Paxton, Paul, Odin and Noemi

On August 7, 2011, my husband, Paul, me, and our two older children, Mason and Noemi, were blessed to take part in a Jericho Prayer Walk. We prayed over the neighboring community as we walked along a few streets surrounding Evergreen SGV.  The Jericho Prayer Walks took place over two Sundays, August 7 and 14, from 9:30-10:30 am, and it was organized by the Heart-to-Heart Ministry, one of Evergreen SGV’s Outreach Ministries, to help mold our hearts to love our neighbors and to partner with the Lord in His plans for the community. 

We first met in front of the Café at 9:15 a.m. where Pastor Kyle prayed over each of the groups before we headed out.  We were in a group with Ann Jung, who recorded our prayers and observations, and our leader was Benny Wu. As we walked the streets, we prayed as the Holy Spirit led us while we observed the homes, the yards, the sounds we heard, the cars we saw, and the people we came in contact with. We saw a few cars with religious symbols on them, such as a cross or fish, so prayers were lifted up that the owners of these vehicles would be blessed and be good witnesses for the Lord. We came to an end of one street where there was a wall that bordered our church. On the wall was a mural of a tree, and someone had painted the words “Jesus Loves You.” It was an encouraging sight to see, and we prayed for the Lord’s presence to be sustained in the community.

One of the blessings that our group had was praying for a man named Jose. It was very apparent that Jose took pride in his home because of its well-kept appearance and nice landscaping. While he was outside checking on his sprinklers, we stopped to chat with him. Paul asked if we could pray for him. Jose was very receptive, and asked for prayer for his three children. He shared that his eldest son was active in the community to improve services since they live in an unincorporated area. 

The Jericho Prayer Walk was a blessed experience for my family. In Noemi’s words, “It was a good experience for me and it helped me feel closer to God.”   When asked to share his impressions, Mason described it as a “peaceful and quiet experience.”  My family was able to experience the Holy Spirit’s leading as we prayed and our hearts were softened to love our neighbors, which is part of Evergreen’s motto of “Loving God, Loving Others, Making a Difference.”   

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."  Matthew 18:20