Haiti Mobilization Team Update

Evergreen SGV has been supporting Hopital Bon Samaritain (HBS) for many, many years. We have HBS  in our church budget. We have sent them medical supplies, food stuff, toys for the children, funds for purchasing Bibles, milk for children, and funds for insulin for their diabetic clinic. But many Evergreeners may not be familiar with Hopital Bon Samaritain. 

Hopital Bon Samaritain, a primary health care center, is situated in the Limbe  River Valley of Limbe, Haiti. Surrounded by mountains in all directions, Limbe, a main crossroad and market town, is about 12 miles inland off the north coast of Haiti. About 20,000 people populate the town with another 300,000 in the surrounding area.

HBS was founded in 1953 as a small grass roots Christian outpatient clinic and grew under the late William H. Hodges M.D. and his wife Joanna to become one of Haiti’s principal health care centers. Both the Hodges were members of Evergreen Baptist Church while he was attending USC Medical School, looking forward to serving as a medical missionary.

After being sent to Haiti in 1958 by the American Baptist Churches, the Hodges maintained contact with Evergreen, which over the years sent about 30 to 40 volunteers—doctors, nurses, and others who went for one to two weeks and in some cases years.

In the 1990’s the American Baptist Churches withdrew support from the Hodges who incorporated as the HBS Foundation, Inc. of Lake Worth, Florida. Although Dr. Hodges died suddenly 16 years ago, the hospital continues to serve the Haitian people.

The hospital is located about 100 miles north of the capital, Port-Au-Prince, and was not directly affected by the devastating earthquake which hit the capital 2 years ago, but still many patients make their way to HBS. Similarly, they were away from the cholera epidemic which hit Haiti but many still continue to make their way to the hospital when they are ill because they consider it “God’s Hospital” and feel as if they are in a sanctuary when within its walls.

Presently, HBS is run by the HBS Foundation, Inc….Paul and Rienke Hodges, Joanna Hodges, age 87, and its Board. Joanna Hodges has been commuting from her Florida home to HBS periodically to help and Shawn Hodges, Paul Hodges son, is the full-time Administrator at Hopital Bon Samaritain.

HAITI MOBILIZATION TEAM (Co-Leaders: Kay Murakami and Noel Tsuneishi, Members: Frances Tsuneishi, Itsuko Teragawa & Frank Murakami)