No Heart for Thailand by Fred Kawashima


In September 2010 the Church Board met to hear the initial Thailand investigation report from Pastor Victor.  Although what he shared was interesting,  I questioned why we were looking at Thailand when we’ve been ministering in China and Japan for years.  I shared with Victor that I trust our church leadership regarding our mission’s directions but I personally have “no heart for Thailand”.  The Lord immediately started to unveil His plan for me.  Between September 2010 and February 2011, the Lord presented several challenges for me to pray for healing over people at my workplace which were “out of the box” and intimidating.  He was testing my obedience and heart to do what He asked regardless of my understanding.  I was clueless that these events were in preparation for the email I received from Victor on February 2011 asking if I would be open to join the Thailand Missions Team.  He reiterated that although I had “no heart for Thailand”, my name came up and that God has a sense of humor so he asked me if I’d be willing.  I knew this was of the Lord for He had prepared my spirit through those earlier encounters to respond to His calling.  I didn’t know why I was going or what to expect.  It was to be an unexpected adventure and resulted in a heart-breaking, spirit-raising and mind-shifting experience.  I saw the Holy Spirit move in power on the other side of the world in a small mountain village.  His presence was there, in the middle of this mountain, far from any city.  It was a tangible epiphany - God is truly everywhere – everywhere where people seek and worship Him.   Jesus commands us to be obedient when He calls.  He isn’t so concerned if we fully understand what He is asking of us, but to trust and obey.  I think they call that Faith.   By obedience I went to Thailand and by obedience, if called, I shall return.  I have a “heart for Thailand” now and a greater heart to pursue Jesus.