How the Season Gives a Reason by Pastor Victor Chen

Quick, name the single most important missionary event off the top of your head.

If you’re having trouble coming up with an answer, look no further than the event we celebrate each Christmas season. For God sent His Son to dwell among us and make a way for us to enjoy the true gift of life. In Jesus, we have our greatest example of a missionary sent out in love.

How fitting then at the conclusion of every Christmas season, we are presented with opportunities to follow in the steps of Jesus and participate in our upcoming seasonal missions trips with the New Year.

From April 22 to May 6, we will return to Biloxi, Mississippi to continue our relief work with Habitat for Humanity. We will again have three teams [Co-Ed Team (April 22-29), Men’s Team (April 29-May 6) and Men’s two-week team (April 22-May 6)] with the focus to grow the faith of each team member through the sharing of Christ’s love to this area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In addition to building homes, we will have daily worship times, prayer walks and opportunities to interact with members of this community we’ve adopted for the past five years.

In late July and early August, we will return to East Asia to minister to the children and staff of a group home for children and single mothers with HIV (formerly a ministry of ML Orphanage) and join with the ministry of GV. We are excited about our second year partnering with GV where we will assist in teaching English, conducting prayer walks and sharing the gospel to students and families in slum areas. This marks the continuation of our privileged legacy in East Asia that spans two decades.

As we wrap up celebration of the single greatest missionary event found in Christmas, may we look towards the New Year and ask ourselves how we like our Lord Jesus, can spread the gift of life through the gospel in our homes, communities and even to the ends of the Earth.

Application information about our upcoming teams will be available at the Outreach table or in January.