Loving Others by Jason Fukao

I was driving home from church on a Sunday in October when I decided to spend some time with God. It had been a while since I sought the Lord, worshipped Him, and poured my heart out on my own time. I was in a rut: I was distant from Christ and not fully trusting him. I wanted to be very intentional, and sit still while listening to Him. After a few Chris Tomlin songs, I turned off the music and asked God to speak to me.

I felt the Lord lay the Evergreen SGV slogan, “Loving God; Loving Others,” on my heart. I was reminded of how Jesus was a servant of the people and how He intentionally loved people, especially those no one else would love. I felt God was telling me to simply love others by serving someone in need.

In Hacienda Heights, there is a street corner that is frequented by people asking for money. This corner came to my mind, and something told me to give to whomever was there. Initially, I fought God's prompting, but I inevitably put an extra 20-dollar bill in my wallet.

An hour later, I was on the road. Honestly, I was hoping to get to my destination without having to stop and speak to anyone. I remembered Ira Chiu’s testimony and how God urged him to speak to a stranger at a bus stop. That sermon moved me, but I still fought God’s instruction to seize an opportunity to love someone.

Lo and behold, there was a man standing at that exact intersection. Trusting this was God’s doing, I rolled down my window and asked the man if he was hungry. He said, “yes”, so he hopped in, and we went to KFC.

Over biscuits and fried chicken, I learned more about him. He was a believer who had fallen away from the Lord. Since that first meeting, we have met a couple more times, usually talking over a meal, sharing meaningful Bible verses, and reflecting on God’s goodness in our lives.

At the time, I thought about just giving him money, but I realize a bigger impact was made by spending time and encouraging him to get back on track with the Lord. God truly used me to bless this man, and in the process, I have been blessed by God with the opportunity to befriend someone that I would have never met otherwise.