Reality by Josie Leung


As I was praying with my teammate, Lilliah (pronounced "Lyla") Summers, for our upcoming vision trip to Europe (Sept. 12-22), she said something that caught me off guard, but in a good way. She prayed we would be a threat to the enemy because what could be accomplished in the future through this trip would be so powerful for the Kingdom. We aren't trying to pick a spiritual fight, but as we prepare our hearts for this task we're definitely sensing God has great things in store for His Kingdom at large and for us as His beloved daughters. However, I believe she received a word of wisdom from the Lord as we prayed. His favor shining on us will reveal and expose us to the enemy.

As Lilliah prayed that, it reminded me of a principle explained in a message I heard that morning: greater power from the Lord will be accompanied with greater problems. That was not a thought I enjoyed! I'm usually game for a good challenge, but I  prefer smooth sailing and no opposition. The "success" of this trip into Europe to explore how God wants to use music to bring more worship to Himself and salvation to as many as possible is completely dependent upon God's favor and power on us. With that, wise ones would expect resistance. If we get one, we get the other. It's a package deal, and it's a real part of the spiritual operating dynamics of His Kingdom in a broken world.

It isn't just about warring against powers and principalities and spiritual forces, though. It's also about keeping us humbly bowed down before God while being close enough to hear His heart. If we come back with glorious stories and have the best short-term season ever come out of this, but we claim all the credit for it because of our own super-spiritual discernment and well-developed missiology, we will have failed. God knows me well enough and loves me deeply enough to allow problems in my pathway toward full Kingdom life. My greatest enemy is my own prideful heart. Like the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, God keeps me close to Him through highs and lows because He desires, more than my "success," an intimate relationship with Him. As I surrender to that reality, I think I love Him even more for it.

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