Amazing Grace in Ghana by Matthew Quan

The roofing project and Matt with students

The roofing project and Matt with students

Hello! My name is Matthew, and by God’s grace alone have I been given the opportunity to travel to Ghana, West Africa on a missions trip with 7 other college students & graduates from various Intervarsity chapters around the SGV. For over 15 years now, Intervarsity has maintained an ongoing relationship with the Amazing Grace Preparatory School, in Kodeikrom,Ghana, through the Adom Partnership International (the American connection to the school), and it was this school that we worked at for a little over a month. 

Our main goal was to rebuild the roof over the nursery, and since July means pouring rains in Ghana, we did not have to deal much with the heat. However, the rain did not help with the roof work. Fortunately though, we were able to complete the project on time.

In addition to constructing the roof, we also committed ourselves to serve & encourage the students & faculty at the school, as well as learn about God’s heart for Ghana & witness firsthand what He is doing around the world. This was accomplished in several different ways:

  • Each day we were at the school, we each were given a class of children for an hour at a time, teaching English, Mathematics, and some games and worship songs too. At the same time, we learned from them games, worship songs, and a joy they had following Jesus.
  • Regular worship, prayer, and Bible studies with the team kept us connected to God, but Church services in Ghana broadened our perspectives on what it means to give God glory & rejoice in the Spirit despite the circumstances.

Frankly though, I think the difference we made on the Ghanaian people was not anywhere as big as the impact God made on each of us. By meeting with us individually in whatever situation we found ourselves in, God truly lavished His crazy love on us. In sum, whether we were resting at the house in Kumasi after a hard day at work, or traveling through Ghana, God was holding us in His hands, with His great purposes at work the whole time.