Always Give Thanks to Him by Joyce Inouye

In April, Garrett’s (my son) video sharing his calling to Japan spoke of the 30,000 annual suicides. My heart broke that Japan had such a desperate need. Then God gave me the revelation, "Many who committed suicide had undetected learning disabilities." 

Since the 2011 tsunami in Japan, I had opportunities to be a resource to an organization in Japan, CRASH, (Christian Relief, Assistance, Support, & Hope) helping them deal with issues of learning challenges, anger, and bullying. I saw limited information available in these areas. Realizing that I could translate my website to provide comprehensive information on Learning Disabilities, I saw that God had an even greater plan. In July, I met Hiro Inaba, President of CHEA ~ Japan (Church Home Educators Association). We discussed God’s revelation to me. One week later, I was invited to be a Keynote speaker at Japan’s annual CHEA convention. When CRASH heard I was speaking, they scheduled autumn seminars at the international schools and churches for teachers, school administrators and parents.

I will be speaking to Japanese Christian homeschoolers, teachers, administrators, and parents in nine presentations in Hakuba, Tokyo, and Ome (scheduled to leave Nov. 19, returning Dec. 2).

I realize my 35 years as a Specialist in Learning Disabilities was in preparation for this mission. God has given me a message that begins with my journey to Japan using my profession as a platform to speak His Hope and Truth. His message speaks to Christians in Japan as I hear: “It isn’t by chance you are in Japan. You are His Light amongst darkness, and Truth amongst lies. Link together and bring Jesus to Japan. Raise your children as soldiers for Christ. They will boast of their weakness so that the power of Christ is revealed.“

I covet your prayers for this journey.