Thanksgiving Celebration Luncheon by Pastor Kyle Shimazaki


This Thanksgiving was special for our church family because we were able to spend it with our friends from Don Julian Elementary. Over the past five years, we have been sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the families of Don Julian by praying for them, donating backpacks and school uniforms. For the first time God made our relationship personal by meeting the families and sharing a delicious traditional Thanksgiving meal with them.

God is love and created us to love others. Obeying His command to love Him and love others results in great blessings. Our goal for the Thanksgiving Celebration Luncheon was to love our Don Julian friends in the name of Christ by celebrating God’s blessings to them. We are thankful for the amazing things God did, which I will share.

Each of you who served as volunteers or roasted a turkey: Thank You for allowing God to use you to share His love with our friends. Over 250 Evergreen SGVers participated in this OTS (Opportunities To Serve). They served with their families and children wiping tables, cooking gravy and stuffing, carving turkeys, conversing with families, serving pies, washing dishes, and moving hay bales. When you make yourself available to God, He fulfills His plan for your life.

God made our relationship personal with Don Julian school. 155 people from Don Julian came with their children and families, filling our hearts with the love of the Father for them. Evergreeners gave moving testimonies of how they shared life with one another. Our love is so much more personal now as we donate backpacks and pray for their blessing and salvation through the free gift of Jesus Christ.

We give God the glory for this event. God has blessed Don Julian school with outstanding teachers, dedicated parents, and improved test scores. Together we praised God for His blessings to Don Julian school. God answered prayers for beautiful weather, sufficient food donations and volunteer sign-ups, and for our volunteers to serve with the love of Jesus Christ. I look forward to serving with you next year.