South of the border, down México way… by Ross Carey


March 13-16 I taught a 2 unit course on The Formation of Spiritual Leadership at All Nations Seminary, near Ciudad Juárez, México. All 40 students of the seminary took the class. The seminary also brought in 13 graduates from various towns in México. In addition, most professors and office staff (about 15 or so) attended as well as maybe 10 pastors/leaders. So although it was projected that 70 would attend, 80 registered.

The school attended me very well, trying to make my stay pleasant. The sessions went well by and large, and it seemed no one went to sleep during my talks, although I myself was tempted a bit as I was averaging 4 ½ hours’ sleep per night.  I taught 5 hours per day and I did have a lot of energy, thanks to your praying and the Lord. Below are some of the more interesting comments of the conferees:

“It is impressive how God puts the correct people in the correct timing to speak to my life and gives me what he thinks I need. I am sure he does not make mistakes  . . . .I should take everything that I need from these classes and absorb it as much as my capacity permits, to be able to give it to all those who need it.” (graduate)

“God has impressed me again through this course since the first day and God has led me to face the true situation with my family and it was confirmed when I carried out the assignment of “Affirmation Questions”.”  (pastor)

“I thank God for your life because through it God has confirmed my call to missions. . . .” (student)

“From the moment that I heard the brother, God got my attention. The teaching on purpose in life resounds deeply in my heart and mind. This has helped me to meditate once again and take a new direction for what God demands of me. All the topics were like a banquet that my spirit needed. . . . Now I see more clearly the work that God has for me when I return home. . . .”  (graduate and pastor)

Thanks for your prayers. I did come back. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you that we can be part of the Evergreen team.