Surprised by Desire by Josie Leung

The theme for our mission efforts this year at Worship Foundations International is desire. It’s based on Psalm 37.4, and we’re focusing on using worship to reveal and fulfill the innate human desire for God.

Confession time: I’m not always delighted, and I definitely have unfulfilled desires. This raises a red flag for me. If this principle is true (and since it’s Scripture, I believe it is), why is it not more evident in my life? And how in the world am I supposed to answer that all-important question, “So, how’s the ministry going?”

I always interpreted Psalm 37.4 to mean if I wanted God first, I’d get everything else I wanted because my desires would become godlier. The key, though, is those desires are mine.My hopes, my goals. (Sounds like I’ve been hanging with a certain preschooler too much.) It finally dawned on me that another possible interpretation – one possibly more in line with the rest of Scripture – is these are God’s desires in my heart; He is being generous in sharing His heartbeat with me.

This journey is heading into something I avoided as “not my calling”…until now. (Ask me in person…can’t describe it in 350 words or less. J) It’s good stuff because it feels like it’s from God’s heart. It’s definitely not from mine! The crazy part is how excited I am about it. The cool part is our upcoming Perspectives class is included in it.

I believe the turning point was a worship moment. No music, no talking. Just deep communion at the foot of a cross, fully delighted to be in His presence…in God. Not in my fulfilled desires.

It’s those moments of worship, seemingly inactive and unproductive, yet actively engaging with God, when I am most delighted and He begins to share His desires with me. It all begins with my first and most important ministry: to God, content at His feet.

I desperately need Kingdom fellowship as God takes me on this wild ride! (Good thing I like roller coasters.) Please email me at for monthly updates.