Gospel Centered Outreach by Pastor Kyle Shimazaki


Transformation of lives and lasting change only comes through the gospel. Outreach ministry holds the gospel of Jesus Christ at its very core because of who God is, who we are, and what Christ has done in our place.

God created us in His image to have a meaningful relationship with us for His glory.

Man is fallen and spiritually dead in sin separating us from a holy God. Our sin has brought God’s judgment upon us. We’re not like an apple that has a few minor scuffs on the outside but is delicious on the inside. Our sin nature has caused the entire apple to be completely rotted through its core. The cross demonstrates how severe our gossip or jealously is that Christ had to die for it. But the cross also shows how much Christ loves us because He was willing to die for us.

The really good news is God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Upon the cross Jesus bore all of our sin receiving our punishment so we can be forgiven. He was raised from the grave for our regeneration to new life, reconciliation with God, and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who trusts in Christ and His grace alone for salvation will be united in His righteousness and rescued from wrath. His perfect life is substituted for ours making us righteous before God.

Our outreach ministry holds the gospel as its ultimate goal in three ways. First, we apply the gospel to ourselves realizing our own sinful weakness and selfishness makes us no different from those we are helping and that our hearts must be changed first.

Second, every ministry from mission trips to buying backpacks, supporting orphans to prayer walking our community, building a well or serving a Thanksgiving meal is dependent upon prayer in crying out for God to soften hearts to believe the gospel. We are helpless to save souls apart from grace.

Third, God has chosen the gospel to be shared through His people. We are making our ministries personal so you may glorify God by leading people to Christ through genuine relationships. The Holy Spirit will empower you to share the good news of Jesus with others.

His Grace alone,

Kyle Shimazaki