Christian Life Discipleship Program by Chaplain Dave Casebeer

This has been a busy and fruitful time at the Union Rescue Mission. I am still teaching four classes a week and doing individual counseling for some of the men that are having a hard time adjusting to the program. The Christian Life Discipleship Program is a one-year program that involves bible study, school, work, gym, and a Christian based twelve-step program. The men are kept busy from seven in the morning to seven at night, and some of them have never had that much discipline in their lives before. Most of these men are coming out of drug or alcohol addiction, and putting discipline into their lives is a very difficult adjustment.

I have seen God do some wonderful things in these men’s lives over the time I have been working here. Men have trusted in Christ for the first time or rededicated their lives to Christ, and when this happens you can see the change almost immediately. Last summer we had an outing and went to the beach to relax and eat. The eating is very important to the men because the food is better, and there is a lot more of it than at the mission. Most of the time on these outings the men hoard the food that is left over, but this time something wonderful happened. There was a group of children nearby from a Christian school that was soon to be closed down due to lack of funding and this was to be their last outing. They did not have very much in the way of food, so our men decided to give those children all of our food. It is so good to see God working in the hearts of these men.