Greetings from Peter Sudjarwadi-Go

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Hello Church Family, 

It has been a great journey these past few years that God has been guiding me through but it has also had its difficulties, frustrations, and down right dirty at times.  A paradox isn't it? How can something be so difficult to decide but yet turn out so wonderful.  I can only attribute this to God and His sovereign will over my life. And it all started with the All Church Conference of August 2012 with God using Pastor Peter Tsukahira sharing about the global mission field. (If Evegreen recorded that conference I would recommend listening to the cd.) The snowball effect took hold and my heart changed and started to align with God's heart for the lost.  I decided to go to Indonesia in the fall of 2013, but my journey does not end there, as with all of us who are followers of Christ.  My desire is to do business and use it as a platform to reach the lost, as well as ministry at a Church. However, that is something I have yet to find. The journey just got interesting at this level and I am excited to see where God leads. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated, thank you Church family.