The BAD and the Good—Making a Difference* by Ross Carey

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Thank you for being there for us, helping to make a difference. We want you to know we appreciate you and your participation in the ministry. The last online article we did was about my Mexican conferences. We quoted for you the difference God made in their lives. Since then Kay and I gave an all-day seminar at a Korean-American missionary organization to candidates in training and a similar one last week to Evergreen people interested in missions.

In the meantime I recently finished an on-line leadership course for seminary students in Costa Rica and Peru. At present I have twelve students in an on-line mentoring course for Costa Rican, Mexican and Argentinian students.

As in most things there is the Bad and the Good: The Bad—would you believe I´ve had to deal with some seminary students cutting and pasting from other students and published material? Hardly loving God and loving others! It did give a chance to deal with integrity issues. For without integrity there is no difference. We cannot make a difference if we are not different.

The Good emerged in another student´s life who is a pastor:

“I came to the conclusion that any other course of theology or missions that I might have studied would have given me an understanding of the material but not necessarily would have pushed me to make direct application. Nevertheless, with this course I experienced the application side, and accordingly was led to the surgical unit of the Father of grace upon newly examining and dealing with matters of my heart.”

“Now once again the Lord has renewed me. And it was exactly when my strength was giving out. I am so thankful for the entire process at this time.”

“I am totally sure that God has worked in such a powerful way in the life of all the students. In my case there have been times when I have written my assignments bathed in tears of gratitude for having received such a great salvation and at the same time been put in charge of such an honorable task. . . . It is almost impossible to stop speaking about the personal impact that I have received throughout all this semester. I plan to insert [the course material] as part of the Christian education program of our church.”

The difference made in this pastor´s life is now the difference he wants to make in his congregation´s life. That´s Good.

*Part of title plagiarized from my wife´s last online article.