Give and Take by Josie Leung


I just spent two full days (and a breakfast) with some accomplished worship leaders from around the country. Every year, Worship Foundations International hosts a gathering for leaders who intentionally mentor others. This is only the second time I’ve attended one of these since I came on staff in 2009. It was great to be reunited with the drummer from the Altar Boys and the writer of “Seek Ye First.” J This year, I also met Charity Churchmouse (not her real name) who, I later found out, is married to Psalty the Singing Songbook.

Three years ago, I felt out of my league. These are internationally known people who have performed in venues like the Hollywood Bowl and the USO (with funny stories to go along with those memories!) or weekly lead mega churches in worship (with battle scars to go along with it!). My only musical claim to fame is ruining a duet with my big sister at a piano recital when I was 5 years old. I was there to meet them and to encourage them toward missional engagement, which wasn’t on most of their radars. I felt like I had nothing to offer and everything to learn.

Three years later, I am still out of my league, and still learned tremendously from the speakers and discussion times, but saw God had positioned this group to consider going overseas. Last year’s transitions in the WFI board leadership have shifted us toward more proactively supporting Great Commission engagement for creatives. This emphasis opened doors for me to share what I’ve learned about worship in strategic mission practice since joining WFI, even while growing more as I heard their thoughts and ideas. On top of talking about application of what we learned and sharing our experiences, we bounced around thoughts about what it means to “teach about worship” in a different cultural setting so that Revelation 7 can invade our earthly existence. As WFI considers this potential, it’s humbling to know I’ve been tasked with training some pretty incredible leaders and shifting some of their paradigms, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to give away as much as I can of what He has revealed to me.

Caption: Getting some “facetime” over breakfast in Nashville