Gulf Coast Relief Recap


by Glenn Itagaki

The 2013 Gulf Coast Relief Team consisted of 15 men and women.  This is the seventh year in a row that teams have been sent by Evergreen SGV.  This is an opportunity for our volunteers to continue the recovery and rebuilding effort to provide low cost homes for those in need along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. 

Loving God, Loving Others, Make a Difference.

This is the theme we took with us as part of the 2013 Mississippi Gulf Relief Team.  We didn't know who, where or how we would be able to make a difference but trusted that the Lord would provide the opportunities.  

In the past, on our last workday, we would pray over the homes that were still incomplete and without a homeowner that we can identify with.  We would pray that the future homeowner would be blessed and that God would be glorified in this home.  However, at the end of our first workday this year, we were able to witness God's goodness at a house that Team Evergreen had worked on last year.   When we arrived at the house, Miss Jackie who is now the proud owner of this multi-generational home, greeted us.  With typical southern style hospitality she welcomed us with open arms and invited us in to share and see her new home.  Some of us were able to see the warm, nicely decorated and furnished home.

This was a nice change from the empty echoing rooms that we typically work on.  Last year’s team members were able to reminisce about the days of building out the porch stairway, installing doorways, windows and creative construction techniques used to accomplish some of the more difficult tasks.   She and her family shared in how God has blessed them and how thankful she was in being able to get this home.  As we prayed with Miss Jackie and her family on her front porch we were able to share in the joy of being a part of His blessing to another family in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Another home glorified for God!