What is the ChildD Ministry?


by Joyce Inouye

In preparation for this November’s mission to Japan, I once again face the challenges of being in a country where I do not know the culture, customs, or language.  Prior to last year’s invitation, through the Church Home Educator’s Association (CHEA) and many other organizations, I had never traveled outside the United States.  Although I have the face and name of being Japanese, my American lifestyle truly reflects my cultural identity. But these challenges can be overcome and used by God, because He is sovereign and He chooses us to become part of His story. 

The Problem.

There are 88,000 other gods that replace the One True God.  Less than 2% of the nation is Christian.  Thirty thousand commit suicide annually, and this is for the 15th year.  Three hundred thousand commit abortions annually.  Children ditch classes daily to roam the city with friends.  Children are victimized in school through bullying classmates as well as teachers. Japan ranks number one globally in child pornography. Traffickers use debt bondage to exploit women in Japan’s large sex trade. Marriages are at risk, and fewer couples are having children.  Japan has countless who have Learning Disabilities, with little support for people with these challenges. Those with Learning Disabilities are at risk to be prey to the evils of this world and its influences.

What can I do?

The real question is, “What can GOD do?”  God is limitless.  Learning Disabilities are a universal phenomenon globally, and God has heard the cry from those with special learning challenges.  In Japan, information to help the Learning Disabled is nominal.  Through the ChildD Ministry, information to help in Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADHD, Process Disorders and academic challenges are provided with the hope to advance the Gospel in Japan and bring God’s Kingdom Truths.  God has networked the ChildD Ministry throughout Japan through seminars, conferences, appointments and training opportunities.  He continues to open doors to provide information alongside God’s Kingdom Truths to those who are hopeless, frustrated and despondent. 

What can YOU do?

The ChildD Ministry is a religious non-profit corporation that seeks to bridge special learning needs with the Gospel, and become the avenue to bring information, hope, healing and salvation globally.   Is God calling you to partner with this ministry through prayer and financial support?  Come to the Outreach tables on Sundays in October and come to D-3 on October 13th 9:30-10:30 a.m. for more information.  You can also read more about ChildD Ministry here under Joyce Inouye.