Nozomi Project Mission


Dear Church Family,

I am about to embark on a new and exciting mission in Ishinomaki, Japan! I have been offered an internship with The Nozomi Project (  or ). Nozomi, translated 'hope' in Japanese, is a social enterprise bringing sustainable income, community, dignity and hope to the women in Ishinomaki, Japan and the surrounding region by training women to craft unique jewelry products. One third of these women are single mothers and grandmothers; most of these women and their family members lost their livelihood when the tsunami crashed through half of their city in 2011.

Nozomi women are creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry featuring broken pieces of pottery left in the wake of the tsunami, as well as other beautiful products such as kimono accessories. Each of our product lines has been named by a Nozomi woman in honor of a loved one in her life.

Four years ago, God called me to serve as a full-time missionary in Japan. Since then, God’s led me in very strategic and sometimes random ways to get to where I am now.  I’m continuing to explore where He’s directing my next steps in terms of Japan missions. And in faith, I’m walking towards a wide-open door.

During the internship I will be learning everything from production to design to sales and of course, working with the women and building relationships within the Ishinomaki community. I will be their very first intern and although the task feels quite daunting, I’m more excited than anything. My departure date is September 18th and I will be going for three months.  For more information about my intership in Japan, please contact me ( 

Please Pray for:

  • Nozomi Project women.  All of them are survivors of the tsunami and 1/3 of them are single mothers or grandmothers.
  • Pray that I be filled and led by the Holy Spirit and that I would be quick to obey whatever He asks of me.  
  • Pray that I adjust well to the culture and people and for my language acquisition and communication skills.  
  • Protection spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Japan is known to be very hard and dark where depression comes easily.   

Thank you!   

Sabrina Yee