China Missions Trip

By Kirstyn Leung

This summer, I had the privilege of going to East Asia with Campus Crusade for Christ.  During the five weeks that my team and I were abroad, we took classes to learn Chinese language and culture, but our main mission was to share Jesus’ love to the local college students. 

We became friends with students who spoke English, and after classes, we would meet up with them and talk about the gospel and our faith.  On my trip, God revealed the abundant and overflowing love that He has for East Asia.  Through the quality time spent getting to know students, God opened my eyes to how they are created beautifully in His image.  Every student I met possessed traits that were clear reflections of God’s character.  They were richly clothed in selflessness, gentleness, and humility.  They possessed God’s quality of protection, which was evident in the way they held my arm while we crossed the street, and they also embodied God’s gift of generosity, which was apparent when they paid for my meals and bought me beautiful presents.  They always put me before themselves, and I was in awe of the way they willingly served me even though we had just met.  These students demonstrated an overflow of love and sacrifice onto me, someone who was a stranger to them, and through their kindness, they taught me how to unconditionally love the way Christ loves. 

God also revealed how powerful I am as His servant.  I learned that this adequacy doesn’t come from myself; rather, it comes from the Holy Spirit that lives in me.   I don’t need to rely on my own strength because God equips me with more than enough of His power to do His work. It was humbling to realize that even though the words came from my mouth, it was the Holy Spirit that broke language barriers.  I had the incredible joy of witnessing seven of my friends give their lives to Christ, and to witness these individuals cross from death to life is an experience I would never give up.  God is working mightily in East Asia, and it continually amazes me that I was given the privilege of being a part of His great plan there.