Beach Ministry

By Garrett Inouye

We feel the cold morning wind against our backs.  The chill seems to go right through our clothes as we pull our jackets tightly around us. The sun is just beginning to peak over a rising swell; Its orange warmth bringing relief to our slightly numb faces. We squint and a wave breaks, casting a fine mist against the sunrise. It's a beautiful scene; one that quiets our hearts. This is God's creation; formed by His hands with the knowledge of every wave that would break here, every surfer that would paddle out, and every child that would splash in the white water. What a great God we have! And as we stand and watch this scene, a question rings loud in our hearts "God, what is Your plan for this place?"

This is the question that a few of us asked ourselves as we began surfing in Miyagi, Japan two years ago. We felt like God wanted to do something, but we didn't know what. His answer came as a simple idea. Serve free coffee to surfers on the beach as an act of kindness. It might sound silly, but the words of I John 3:18 came to mind.

"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and ´╗┐in truth."

Twice a month for the next two years we would go to the beach simply to serve coffee and listen to the men and women we met. During these times we talked about surfing, the weather, and various places we've been. We would share jokes and laugh together. And sometimes we would talk about the hard things in our live and we would pray together. It was slow at first, but little by little we began to be accepted into the surfing community.

Two years later we are now a part of the beach community. One of the mothers and her daughter are studying the bible together. Another mother and her daughter are attending church events. Two other families come to us with their prayer requests. And we have faith that God will open up the hearts of our other friends soon.

In a meeting we had just last week, one of the surfers we have become friends with said that since we started two years ago, the atmosphere had become very warm at the beach. In fact they said that some surfers had started coming exclusively to our beach specifically because of the warm atmosphere they felt there. We know that it is the Holy Spirit they are sensing at the beach. And this gives us both joy and faith that God will complete the work He has started in our friends.

Please join us in praying for our beach friends, and that they will continue to sense God presence and come into a personal relationship with Jesus. Thank you!