Mission trip to Brazil

By Brian Machida,  M.D. 

For the last two years, I’ve been on a personal quest to hear God’s voice every day.  I’ve been enrolled in a School of Supernatural Ministry for the last two years at HRock church in Pasadena.  In my search, the Lord led me to go on a mission with Randy Clark Global Awakening ministries to Brazil.  Randy Clark is a Baptist pastor, who has an incredible healing anointing and leads more than 10 international missions a year to do physical healing through prayer.  Being a physician, I found the concept intriguing yet I was slightly skeptical in the back of my mind.

At the beginning of our mission, Randy did an impartation to each team member.  It was during this time that the inner palms of my hands felt as if someone were holding them.  I felt a mild, pleasant electricity travel from my palms, down my arms, up my back, and filled the lower half of my face.  This sensation recurred and grew stronger with each of the 5 successive worship services throughout the mission, and occurred only during worship and healing prayer time.

After that, it was time for me to pray for the people in the church.  I was finding that people were getting complete resolution of their pain after praying simple prayers lasting 15-30 seconds.  More people were getting completely cured of their leg, knee, arm, shoulder, head, and back pain.  In prayer, I commanded a shorter leg to grow, which it did in about 20 seconds.  I prayed and commanded tumors to shrink in a hand, and neck, which it did in about 30 seconds.  I even had two people recover their sight, and one recover her hearing.  In particular, one man had been in a wheelchair for 25 years, and immobilized by knee and back pain.  I prayed for his knees, back, and grew out his left leg.  This man, who had never left his wheelchair in 25 years, got up and walked out of the building on his own.  Demons, which were present on a regular basis, were cast out quietly with authority during my prayers.  I found that the rate of healings for the group ran more than 90%.

I witnessed and participated in some truly amazing events.  I have no medical explanation for many of them, and I’d have to classify them as supernatural healings.  What now?  I’m continuing my studies at the School of Supernatural Ministry and I’m contending for the Holy Spirit to be present as I pray at the Evergreen prophetic prayer ministry and the prayer time after worship.