Hope, Healing and Power of Prayer

by Sabrina Yee

Over the last two months, I’ve been interning with the Nozomi Project, an organization that uses recycled pottery shards left in the wake of the March 11th tsunami to make beautiful jewelry.  Since the launch of the company, they have been able to hire 18 local women to provide an income, community, and an opportunity to know Christ for all who have joined the team.  For more information about the Nozomi Project, please visit their website: www.nozomiproject.com

From the beginning of my trip, God made it clear that prayer would be an important part of my time and for everyone that I had the opportunity to pray for, I was astonished at their openness to me and to the voice of God.  M-san was, when I first met her, in and out of depression.  The staff let me know that about once every few months, she would stop coming to Nozomi project for a few weeks and be completely consumed by her depression.  I’ll spare you all the details of what that would look like, but it was not pretty.  During my time there, I felt that God had a letter for her and so I gave her a translated message with some scripture on it, having no idea at all how she would receive it.  When she got the letter, I thought maybe she’d read it later when she went home, but she proceeded to read it right in front of me.  I was so nervous!!  She wouldn’t take her eyes off of it and looked completely stunned.  Reading the letter, she said she knew exactly what God was telling her.  My friend and I then were able to pray for her.  We encouraged her with pictures and scripture from God and prayed blessing over her and her family.  There were several other times where she was prayed over and every singe time, there was this change on the countenance of her face.  The only way I could explain the look on her face before and after…is that it changed from death to life.  To me this completely sums up the power of an encounter with God through prayer.  It changes us from the inside out, that the God of the universe cares about us enough to speak to us personally through a random vessel and tell us a personal message, revealing his great love and care for us individually.