Mexican Connection

Part of our student group in Juarez, Mexico

Part of our student group in Juarez, Mexico

by Ross and Kay Carey

Hi Evergreen Family,

“Kay and I gave a conference on ´The Shaping of Spiritual Leadership´ at All Nations Seminary in Juarez, Mexico last week (March 18-21).  There were students from all over Mexico and one from Cuba. We want to give you a brief sketch of our trip (22 hours of teaching in 4 days).

The first morning was windy and the gusts took down power lines and thus the electricity in northern Mexico. So I had no power points to show and no microphone. I was almost shouting to the 80 some students and starting to get hoarse. By 3:30 p.m. the electricity came back on just in time (Whew!) for Kay´s hour-long testimony/teaching.

Kay reports:

“It was a blessed opportunity for me to teach and share what the Lord has taught me in my life.  I am grateful for God’s provision during our trip (physical strength, spiritual fervor and ability to teach in Spanish).  I returned home with much gratitude for God’s faithfulness, grace and love seen in these precious people in Mexico.  Once again, I am honored and thankful that God allows me to continue to travel and do the things I enjoy–sharing and teaching God’s love and His lessons in my life.”

Here is what some conferees wrote:

“. . . I have learned the importance of my life being guided by the Holy Spirit to be able to become a trustworthy person. . . . This teaching arrived in the exact timing of God to clarify certain areas in my life and truthfully I am very interested in putting everything into practice. Glory to God!”   

“I feel like this is the beginning of my learning. I need to prepare myself the best I can and to follow the advice of the teaching.” 

“It has opened my spiritual eyes even more. I have a better view of all that God has taught me throughout my life. . . .How great is his love for me! . . . These lessons will be a great help to me in my youth ministry.” 

“I have learned that God has been intervening throughout my life, and God has been using even the bad stuff in it to prepare me in my ministry. God spoke to my life and told me: “Love my Word. I have chosen you for a purpose. I will fulfill it.” Now I know what I should do and have decided to accomplish it.” 

Thanks to you who prayed for us and made this trip possible, bringing glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ.