Changing the Campus Can Change the World

By Jenn Louie

Stepping into vocational ministry is a huge leap of faith. It’s about being obedient to God’s call and relying on him for e-v-e-r-y-thing.  And as a fresh college graduate in 2011, I wasn’t sure if I was fully prepared for what God had in store, but I knew I had the “call” to answer.

As I stepped into campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at San Diego State, God revealed to me that changing college students will change the world.  That’s when I met Carolyn. She came to college very far from God with questions about faith.  She found IV’s dorm bible study her first week of school, and even with years of Mt. Hermon experience, she wrestled with the tension of seeing God clearly.  Carolyn eventually decided to follow Jesus whole-heartedly which catapulted her into student leadership along with discipleship and character development.  She graduated and is now working in a top PR/marketing firm in LA, where she knows God has called her.  She has adopted IV’s DNA for evangelism and is now leading a bible study at her workplace!  In her first week of work, she led someone to faith!

There’s also Ever. He just finished his freshman year- joined a dorm bible study because a Resident Advisor in his building was one of our student leaders.  He’ll be a leader next year- being trained and developed in how to share his faith and the Gospel. He’s currently leading a bible study for his hometown friends this summer!  This upcoming fall, he’ll be an RA and states this, “As a RA…I work for Him from the inside. The RA above my floor did this and it’s something I have admired since day one”.

God is in the business of transforming lives and developing people into world changers. My ministry with IV gives college students the skills and training that will affect them for a lifetime.  Students like Carolyn and Ever will go on and change the spheres around them, which will then go and impact the world.  Talk about having the best job in the world.