Clean Water: Blessed to be a Blessing


by Emie Morita

Three years ago, “Wells Around the World” was just a vision. Born and raised in Santo Nino, Talibon, Bohol, Philippines, I know firsthand how most people get their drinking water. It wasn’t the cleanest, nor the safest.

I was excited to note that EBCSGV is sponsoring 60 biosand filters (BSF) in the community. Yet I cannot believe and did not understand why only 52 people responded to the application forms that Pastor Rudy Galambao sent to the community before the filters arrived. Little did I know that residents have their own reasons why they did not respond a.s.a.p. Many residents were skeptical about the offer because (1) government and non-government organizations promising them something that never materialized; (2) they thought that Pastor Galambao was running for politics and offering them water filters to buy their votes. Now that the filters have been distributed, many of those that were doubtful and skeptical have been asking if there is a second batch and if there is, when?

When Pastor Victor Chen, Gerald Morita and I visited few beneficiaries they did not stop saying “Thank you for all your generosity. Now we have clean water. Thank you sponsors! Thank you Biosand Filters! Thank you Lord!” Excited, many of them drank from the BSF water the very next day even though the biolayer (good bacteria) has not fully grown yet. Since many of them already drank from the source water, water passing through the Biosand filter is already cleaner than before. It was really touching and heart-warming seeing these families’ genuine gratefulness.

Recently, I heard that many of them were actually offering their water to their neighborhood. They said, God has blessed them through Evergreen SGV’s generosity, so now; it is their turn to share what they did not have before, and bless others through clean water. Hopefully, when these people drink this clean water they will also think of their need of the living water. Sixty (60) biosand filters when given to the Lord, will bless not only 60 households but the whole community--just like the boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. When he gave it to God, it fed a multitude. You may not have realized it, but your cents have blessed several families already and it has made a big difference in their lives!