Did He Say Tomorrow?

agenda 3.jpg

By Natalie Oki

Back in July I was half listening to Pastor Micah’s announcement about a Sports Camp with Vida Church.  A faint voice in my head told me to help so I asked my husband, “When did he say this was?”  “Tomorrow,” he replied.  Tomorrow?!  I could help, but I had plans.  That voice in my head must have been wrong – and crazy!  My week was planned and a sports camp was definitely not on the agenda.  Something that takes up an entire week needs to be scheduled in advance.  Sorry, Micah, can’t help you out.  It’s not on the calendar.      

Planning something for tomorrow just isn’t Evergreen’s style.  When it comes to planning, Evergreen is a machine.  We have planning down to a science.  How can a camp be pulled off tomorrow?  It sounded impossible but it happened.  A team came together overnight and contrary to MY plans, I was on that team.  By 9:00am the next day we were ready to register campers and provide them lunch for the week.  It was a blessed week of fun, food and last minute organization that opened doors for Vida Church into our community.  This wasn’t the Evergreen way, but it was the way God chose to work and it was a refreshing change. 

Reflecting on the camp and the blessing it was to those who participated, I realized it was time for a paradigm shift.  I was used to plans/schedules/calendars - everything needed forethought and organization.  I was wrong!  God doesn’t need months of planning before He works.  Although He often works through well planned events like those we hold at Evergreen, He also works through spontaneous events like the Sports Camp.  If it were up to me, I would have planned the camp for next summer.  But because Micah stepped out in faith and said ‘yes’ to God, specific children in our community were blessed to hear the gospel and receive Bibles.  God brought them this year.  God wanted to bless them now.  They needed Micah to say ‘yes’ to God’s spontaneous plan and frankly so did I.  I needed a reminder to listen to those quiet promptings God places in my head.  He has people He wants to bless now, not just when they fit into my schedule.