Thanksgiving Celebration

By Janet Munoz

It was such a blessing to be a part of the Thanksgiving Celebration. It was the first time I was able to be a part of such a huge event. I had the privilege to work in the Children's Area, under the leadership of Auntie Sylvia. From beginning to end everything was perfect. Auntie Sylvia and her team did an amazing job in coming up with all the crafts and activities. The area was full of all kinds of creative projects and arts and crafts. From the very simple free drawing and legos to the more intricate, colorful sand succulents boxes and paper weaving pumpkins. Ideal for kids of all ages. It was so precious to see all the kids' faces excited to get started on the crafts. Once we opened up, all areas were quickly filled with excited kids anxious to get started. The Children's Area definitely benefited thanks to all who contributed to make this event come alive; I know this because we had so many guests that next year we will need to expand the Children's Area. What a blessing!

I can say without a doubt that all the kids left with a huge smile on their face and a bag full of projects. But I trust that they did not leave with just that. I know that they will forever cherish the memories created with one of the aunties helping them with a craft, always shining the love of Jesus with a simple smile, hug, or just a few minutes of their undivided attention. (Mathew 4:16) Every adult remembers that one person who even if only for a few minutes, impacted their life. I believe that the volunteers formed lots of memories in all the kids; for it was not what we did, but what Jesus did through us to bless the lives of all the kids.

I discovered my love for children at a very young age, and events such as this only solidifies and confirms my calling. I am constantly learning and growing to better serve and love those that God has called me to. Through reflecting on the event, I learned that one person can change another's life for a few minutes maybe even days, and with meaningful prayer and with Jesus in our hearts we can genuinely impact someone for a lifetime. When volunteering we often forget that the act may have a greater impact in our own life rather than those we are serving. This event did just that for me. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.