Life Changing

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By Peter Sudjarwadi

Life Changing! Didn’t think that was going to happen.  Newfound purpose!  These are some of the words that can describe my experience at the Evergreen All Church Summer Conference.  2012 was a year I had lots of questions for my life.  Where does God want me to be? What’s in store? These are just among the few that I had which were answered at the conference. Pastor Peter Tsukahira was such a manly man, just hearing the work that he was doing for God was just impressive.  And that was just the introduction.  I just had to hear what he had to say.  He started with the apostle Paul and his missionary journey.  

Paul was able to bring to the gospel wherever he could physically go: Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Rome. Though Paul is no longer with us, these waves, as Pastor Peter put it, are still moving.  Even to this day, they are continuing on its course west to Europe, Africa, the Americas, and now Asia.  This truly opened my eyes to see how the gospel was moving.  

Not only did he summon me to continue this journey, but all of us were the perfect candidates.  Evergreen is such a unique cluster of Asian Americans and having the ability to understand cross cultural behavior is such a unique gift.  Growing up I had to adjust between my Indonesian culture in an American environment and vice versa.  And that was why he pointed to us as a people group to really embrace, carry, and ride this wave, this wave of the Gospel entering into Asia.  All I wanted to say was, “sign me up”, by the end of the conference. My target, Indonesia!

Boy, did I pick a country to start this.  80% plus are Muslim, 4th largest population in the world, 60%+  have only finished high school.  Although the stats are not in my favor, or seems like a monumental task, the Gospel needs to be preached here all the more. And having been in Indonesia this past year, its a place to see God work.  This coming year is still an unknown for me but everyday is a new day to see God work. 

Having said that, we as believers do live a missional life, but this is just a specific calling for myself.  Everyday, no matter what you do, alongside God, is a good day.