Women’s Care Center

by Shannon Inouye

I recently met the precious baby boy of a woman who came to Options, A Women’s Care Center, back in November. Her reason for the visit was that she felt “completely lost.” She was 18 weeks pregnant and in a very dark place. The father of her baby wanted her to have an abortion and as an active youth in her church she confided that she had considered taking the abortion pill so no one would know, but didn’t go through with it. 

When I first met her it was actually through sharing about the ministry of Options at her church. We had 12 week old fetal development models out on the table and as I made conversation with her she continued to linger fixated on the 12 week models. Before I was about to leave she pulled me aside and shared that she was 12 weeks pregnant with a child conceived in a very difficult circumstance and wanted to talk to someone. I encouraged her to come to the Center for support.

 That’s where we met again, 6 weeks later, and where I learned she was feeling torn between making a decision between adoption or parenting. Being confused by everyone’s opinions was so much pressure on this 18 year old she confided she had been contemplating suicide. She said she knew she would never do it but the fact that it crossed her mind scared her.

 I was able to encourage her to seek professional help from a family counseling partner of ours and encouraged her to make the best choice for her and her baby and not to worry about anyone else’s thoughts or hard words. I prayed with her and she cried.

 The next time I saw this beautiful, brave woman was at the same place I met her, her church, but this time she had a newborn with her! He was beautiful, she was overjoyed, and I cried! This meeting was very special for me because although I’ve been working in the Pregnancy Center world now for over four years and met many babies who have been saved, this was the first time I had met a baby of a woman who I personally counseled. There are no words to describe the joy that consumes you when you meet a baby of a mother you helped before they were born. It’s the best feeling in the world, aside from someone accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

 I hope you realize this joy is yours to share through your support!