Missions Trip to Nicaragua

By Eri Yamada

This year, I had the opportunity go to on a missions trip to Nicaragua in of June. In the beginning of the school year, Maranatha High School offers four missions trips that we can apply for. I was never really interested in going on any trips with my school until my senior year, when I applied and waited to see if it was God’s will for me to go on a missions trip. I found out that I would be going to Nicaragua, in Central America. Nicaragua is a fairly impoverished third world country. I have never been to Central America, so I had many fears, like getting mosquito bites and foreign diseases.

Once we landed in Managua, Nicaragua, the humidity hit me and I questioned why I even decided to come. The bugs that were in our dorm room, my bed, and even the showers and bathroom made me dread the two weeks that I was stuck in a place that seemed impossible to survive in. God humbled me when I got sick on the third day and couldn’t eat for 24 hours. After I recovered, I finally realized that I was there to serve God and his people, not myself. The bugs and heat were still there, but my attitude towards everything changed and I began to have a more optimistic outlook. One thing God taught me was to serve him no matter what. The humidity in Nicaragua was something no one was used to. The downpour of rain, the loud thunder, bright lightning, and the crazy amount of bugs were factors that kept us from being comfortable. I was reminded we didn’t go on missions to be comfortable. Despite all of these factors, serving God and obeying him was a huge priority.

I loved playing with the kids there. They didn’t care that we don’t speak the same language. They loved that we were there to play with them and share God’s love with them. Missions doesn’t have to be overseas or away from home. Sharing God’s love can happen anytime and anywhere. It can be with your neighbors, friends, family, or people you have never even met. It is something that is sometimes hard to do, but is something that I aim to do wherever I go.

My missions trip to Nicaragua was unique, and God surpassed all my expectations. He comforted me and helped me face my fears. From almost being struck by lightning, to running into a moth the size of my hand, and eating iguana, my trip to Nicaragua was a very memorable and refreshing experience that I am very grateful for.