Mission: Canada

Kay singing a final blessing in Korean on the conferees with Ross accompanying on the ukulele

Kay singing a final blessing in Korean on the conferees with Ross accompanying on the ukulele

By: Ross and Kay Carey

We had a blessed time sharing some valuable spiritual lessons in our lives with others at ICTS (Imitating Christ Training Center) in Surrey, British Columbia.  We spent July 13-17 in Canada with Korean missionaries and candidates.  This was a six-week training session of which we were given one week (“Spiritual Formation”).  Kay gave two topics and Ross gave three in 15 hours of speaking.  We were able to cover more material this time since Kay´s talks did not have to be translated.

The followings are some examples of the testimonies (translated by Kay from Korean) of the conferees:

I was able to sketch the big picture, looking back on my life and looking forward to my future life from the time-line exercise.  It was a blessed time to understand the concept of “sense of destiny” in my life.  I would like use my time wisely in order to fulfill His purpose in my life.  


I understood the fact that success in ministry is not based on visible results such as whether we built a great mission center or how many we evangelized.  But rather, it’s what’s not seen.  God desires us to walk with Him intimately. . . .


Until now, I tried to find a mentor and receive from them but from now, I would like to start praying for God to show whom I can be a mentor to share what God has given and taught me in my life.  I changed my way of thinking from being a mentee to mentor…


I learned more clearly how my life was in God’s hands even before I received Him as my Lord and Savior.  The lecture on “Shaping Activities” touched my heart in many points.  God helped me to understand more of how God allowed many events and circumstances in my life in order to shape my life more to be like Jesus.  I am grateful for this deeper understanding.  I would like to bear more fruit by seeing life with God’s global perspective.  I had an opportunity to recommit my life to live faithfully for God. 


I am thankful because I realized why many things happened on the mission field, and God led me to righteous ways through the lecture.  God allowed those things to happen to me in order to make me a leader.  God developed some abilities which were dormant and made me strong in my weakness.  He also led me to make right decisions through his guidance.


Thank you for those who prayed for us and the conferees.  There were 40 intercessors who volunteered to pray individually for certain conferees.  Most of the conferees were teary-eyed as they discovered that those faithful prayer warriors cared enough to pray for someone they didn’t even know.  We are so grateful!