Breaking the Sunday to Monday Divide


By Elliott Snuggs

I was recently in Delhi, India where I was preaching at a church service. I was speaking on how God uses leaders in the marketplace to advance His kingdom from the story of Lydia in Acts 16. Lydia was a business woman, and was the first European to become a believer. After the church service a CEO of a significant sized construction firm came up to me very excited and said, “that’s what we need in India! We need to develop missional CEO’s.” He went on to tell me of some radical things he is doing in his company. Over the next three days I met with over 60 Christian CEO’s and senior business leaders in three cities who all want to make sure their faith goes from Sunday into Monday.           

For nearly 40 years the leader-development ministry I’ve been a part of at Asian Access has focused on pastors and church leaders. But, we have come to realize that God has given us a larger mission: to identify, develop and release emerging kingdom leaders—period. This includes leaders in every sector of society—all of whom are critical to leading the Church across Asia—not just pastors.           

Thanks to the support and encouragement from Evergreen SGV, I’ve travelled to South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and India networking with business leaders to discern if this business initiative might be helpful. In South Korea, we have formed our first prototype (calling it A2.Business)—utilizing and adapting A2’s life-on-life approach and integrated curriculum to develop a learning community that we hope will transform their lives.           

Some of the participants are CEO’s of large companies. Others are entrepreneurs. But they are business leaders who, in addition to pursuing economic results, want to make Kingdom impact through their professions—impact measured by people reached for Christ, disciples made, and communities transformed. More than anything else, Asian Access’ learning-community model creates the space for this kind of Kingdom impact to be envisioned.           

God is giving us a wonderful opportunity to help the Body of Christ in Asia to bridge the sacred/secular divide. Please pray as we may soon start in other countries. Join in right here in Southern California as you bridge the sacred/secular divide in your life and marketplace. Evergreen SGV is well positioned to take Christ from Sunday into Monday!