Urbana Testimony

By Kristen Sakata


1.         How did God prompt you to go? Why did you decide to go?

Honestly, I wanted to go because I heard this was the best conference that Intervaristy puts on, so I wanted to be a part of that!

2.         What was the highlight of your experience?

I always looked forward to the worship sessions. The worship time was focused on exposing us to experience different cultures so we were taught songs in Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Somalian, Gospel style music, and more. The conference ended at midnight on New Years Eve. All 16,000 of us sang in worship while counting down the New Year. Being with a bunch of people singing to God, losing our voices, and jumping around was unforgettable!

3.         What did God teach you through your time at Urbana?  Choose 1 or 2 lessons.

God was teaching me numerous things that week. A huge theme at Urbana was racial reconciliation. I wasable to learn about God’s heart and value for everyculture. I learned what it would look like for anAsian American to engage with racial tension (and still learning). I also had the opportunity to attend a couple of nursing seminars. I heard from different        nursing leaders and saw how to integrate nursing and faith. One call I was able to obey from God was to start up a nursing small group on my campus. My vision is to build a community of nursing students who can learn how to model Jesus in the nursing field.