The Human Thing and The God Thing

Sometimes, I sit and wonder why God bothers with us human beings in doing His will here on earth. It would seem so much more efficient if God just did things on His own. If a school needs assistance with their educational goals, why doesn’t God just do His God thing and create a higher IQ or a greater passion to learn in each child?

It is clear in scripture that God has chosen a different route to accomplish His will here on earth. He decided to use human beings. More precisely, He decided to use His people whom He has called to Himself.

Take the example of Joshua and the battle at Jericho. God could have just brought down the walls of Jericho without using people of Israel. But He chose to have them march around and eventually blow on their shofars (ram horns). Once God’s people did their thing as the Lord instructed them, God did His God thing and the walls came tumbling down.

Or take the case of Jesus feeding the five thousand. He could have waved His hands and served up In ‘n Out Burgers faster than we can get them at a drive-thru. But He chose to have His disciples round up a little boy with a few fish and some mini loaves of bread. They did their human thing and Jesus did His God thing and fed the five thousand from two fish and five loaves of bread.

God is in the business of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We do our human thing and God does His God thing.

Mike Hart from Zoe International Ministries shared how some students from their Bible school felt led by God to witness to a village that threw rocks at Christians. They climbed five hours up a mountain. They sang, witnessed and tried to teach the villagers about Jesus. No one listened except a little village girl who happened to be blind.

The students did their human thing. Then God did His God thing. They prayed for the little girl and she received her sight. The villagers came out to see what happened and many received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

God asked them to do their human thing and then God did His God thing.

Is God asking you to do a human thing on His behalf? If so, waiting just around the corner may very well be His God thing.

Take a step of faith and perhaps witness to your family. That’s the human thing. Then allow God to eventually do His God thing.

Something to think about…