A Bucket, Iron and a Mirror Part 1

God has entrusted parents to help their children grow into mature human beings who love the Lord. It is easier said than done. 

Here are three helpful thoughts over the next three Thursdays.

Be like a bucket. Back in the day, water wells had a bucket with which to draw out water that was deep in the well. Sometimes, parents need to be like a bucket drawing out what is deep in the hearts and minds of their children. 

Proverbs 20:5 says, “A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out.” Deep water means deep thoughts and desires. As parents, we need to have a commitment to draw out the thoughts and desires of our children.

It takes a person with patience, discernment and understanding to do so. We should ask ourselves if we are patient, discerning and understanding with our children.

Here’s a principle to ponder: Seek first to understand before being understood.

Too often, as parents, we want our children to understand us. We want them to listen, learn and obey. Sometimes, we want them to be seen and not heard. In fact, it may be our definition of great children…seen and not heard.

Even among adults, what if at work, your boss or supervisor never really listened to you? You are never given an opportunity to express yourself or how you feel about things. You are always told to keep quiet and just do what you are told. You probably wouldn’t flourish as a person. 

If our children are to flourish, they need to be understood from the inside out. Wise parents try to be a bucket, drawing out what is deep in the hearts and minds of their children. 

Wise parents try to be like a bucket. 

Something to think about…