A Bucket, Iron and a Mirror Part 3

A third way parents can help grow their children into mature adults is by being like a mirror, making sure that their hearts reflect that which they desire their children to see. 

Proverbs 27:19 states, “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man.”

Franz Delitzsch wrote, “As in the water-mirror each one beholds his own face, so out of the heart of another each sees his own heart, i.e., he finds in another the dispositions and feelings of his own heart – the face finds in water its reflection, and the heart of a man finds in (another) man its echo.”  

We cannot fully know ourselves without the help of others.  Parents need to be that help for their children. 

The secrets to being a mirror involve listening to our children when they speak, looking at our children as they live and lending a hand to our children when they need it.

As we live our lives juxtaposed to our children, we have the privilege of reflecting the glory of God, which in turn will help our children see what is in their own hearts.

Here are a couple of questions for us to ponder.  What is in our hearts that we reveal to our children and how does that impact their little hearts? 

Remember one thing.  Our children will see what’s really in our hearts.

Something to think about…